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Biographical information
Physical description
Other information
FunctionsVarious (Mostly act as a guide for a user/program)
AlliesAny program but has been seen with Clu, Flynn, and Yori.
Out of universe information
TRON 2.0
TRON: Evolution
TRON: Evolution - Battle Grids
TRON: Uprising

A Bit is a binary digit that is represented by a white polyhedral shape that is a compound of dodecahedron and icosahedron. It can only answer "Yes" or "No". When "at rest", this shape is constantly shifting. When the Bit announces the answer "yes" it briefly changes into a yellow octahedron, and when it announces "no" it changes into a spiky red shape. If alarmed, a bit will quickly repeat "No, no, no, no, no, no!", and if amused, will repeat "Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes."

Apparently, there are many bits in a computer at any given time and have many different tasks and duties. One of the most important tasks for a bit, is to give answers to "Yes or No" questions asked by a computer program. Another task for a bit, commonly found in today's computers, is a switch, for turning things on or off.

Bits were also used as a form of currency on the Grid, as seen in TRON: Evolution - Battle Grids. They can be picked up by players, usually hovering stationary in their "yes" shape in rows with other bits. They're found in many various places within the Grid. Light Cycles, discs and other goods can be purchased with bits.

Byte, a character from TRON 2.0, is modeled from Bit. However, instead of having only two forms, Byte can speak fluently, although monotonously.

In TRON: Evolution, it is revealed that Flynn created the NAVI (Navigational Assist Vector Information) Bit. It was designed to guide the ISOs to their daily needs in Tron City, while keeping them away from secured areas. As part of registration ISOs had to have the NAVI Bit added to their disc. It goes offline outside Tron City's limits.

Bit Shapes

When Bit says, "Yes" it transforms into a yellow/orange Octahedron.

If one were to look at the animation for Bit in TRON, it seems that Digital Effects animated Bit by morphing it from a compound of dodecahedron and icosahedron to the Seventh stellation of icosidodecahedron and back to the first compound shape again, thus looping the animation.

The "No" form of Bit seems to be the Second stellation of icosahedron.

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  • In TRON's novelization, the Bit would state "Yes!" and "No!" in various foreign languages on occasion, including German and Spanish.
  • The pre-production concept art for TRON reveals that the Bit was originally envisioned to be a sphere shape with a face over its surface, making it slightly resemble a 3-dimensional Pac-Man.
  • There is a product on Sony's Playstation Home (PS3) allowing players to own a Bit inside of their game home. It doesn't communicate, but does perform the animations at random times.
  • In TRON: Legacy, models of Bit can be seen on Sam Flynn's bedroom shelf in the opening of the film.
  • In TRON: Uprising, when Zed says, "I'm a moron." a bit inside Able's garage turns into an orange octahedron, though without saying, "Yes!" In this TV show, it is also mentioned that programs can be derezzed "bit by excruciating bit."

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