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We won't be intimidated! I don't care how strong or powerful your forces are!
Biographical information
Physical description
Circuitry ColorPrimary: White
Secondary: Light Blue
Other information
FunctionsVehicle maintenance
System Monitor (self appointed)
EquipmentIdentity Disc
VehiclesLight Cycle
Light Crawler
Light Boat
Light Jet
Out of universe information
ActorElijah Wood (voice)
AppearancesTRON: Uprising

Beck is the main protagonist of TRON: Uprising.


Beck is a young program who becomes the leader of a revolution inside the Grid. His mission is to free his home and friends from the reign of the villainous Clu and his henchman General Tessler. Beck is trained by Tron - the greatest warrior the Grid has ever come to know. Tron not only teaches Beck the fighting and light cycle skills he needs to challenge this brutal military occupation, but he will be a guide and mentor to him as he grows beyond his youthful, impulsive nature into a courageous, powerful, strong leader. Destined to become the next System Monitor of the system, Beck adopts Tron's identity and becomes the arch enemy of General Tessler and his oppressive forces.


Beck's Beginning

Beck had worked at Able's garage for most of his life, carrying out his primary function of fixing and modifying vehicles. Then Clu took over, amid rumors of Tron's demise. When Beck's best friend Bodhi was derezzed before his eyes, he decided to take the fight back to the oppressor, and began his uprising by destroying a statue of Clu.

His actions did not go unnoticed. First chased by Clu's forces, and then by Paige, he stole a Light Crawler and tried to return to Argon City unseen. He was noticed, though. A tall, dark figure in a helmet chased after him and subdued him. The mysterious program cuffed Beck and took him to an interrogation room, gradually discovering everything that Beck had done. While the program was talking however, Beck was decoding his handcuffs using a special tool. He broke free and attacked the program but was defeated again with ease. It was then that the program revealed himself to Beck. It was Tron, damaged in battle with Clu.

After Beck got back to the garage, Tessler told the programs of Argon City that they had been volunteered for the games. Several programs had been captured, including Beck's friends, Zed and Mara. Beck followed the Light Rail that was transporting them and jumped onto it with his light cycle. There was one Black Guard patrolling and after a brief fight where the guard's helmet was knocked off, Beck looked into the program's eyes and spared his life. He managed to knock the light rail off it's beam and, with help from the guardsman, Beck located and freed his friends. His accomplice was derezzed only moments later when General Tessler launched a surprise attack of his own. The lengthy fight ended when Tessler fell from a building, allowing Beck the opportunity to escape.

Back with Tron, Beck and the former warrior each split their discs in half and switched halves. As Beck replaced his disc on his back, his light suit became Tron's. The latter then told Beck, "Come. We have a lot of work to do, Tron."

The Renegade


Beck as Tron (The Renegade)

Beck's training with Tron was hard and often left him very tired. One night after his training, Beck was driving back to Argon City when a spotlight suddenly shown on him. He had broken curfew by being in the Outlands at that time of night. Beck escaped the pursuing guards by slipping into a massive cargo box. He soon found out, however, that several other programs were also in the container, and that it was taking them to the games.

Beck befriended two programs, Rilo and Cutler, and when the games began, the three of them lasted longer than the others before Rilo was derezzed. Beck and Cutler defeated the first round of enemies soon after. Then, while being transported to the Light Cycle Arena, they effected their escape.

It was not long, however, until they were discovered again by Paige, who cuffed them together and threw back into the games, this time to face three light cycles. Again, though cuffed together, Beck and Cutler prevailed. This was not going according to plan for Tessler, so his other lieutenant, Pavel, suggested that they fight each other to the the death, with the winner getting freedom. Cutler forfeited so that he and Beck would not have to derez each other. Tessler was unrelenting, willing to derez them both, but Paige, showing her more compassionate side, made Tessler keep his promise to the crowd and set Beck free. Cutler was not as fortunate and was to be derezzed.

Beck then went on to rescue him disguised as Tron, and after a lengthy escape from Argon City that involved draw bridges and Light Boat chases, Cutler told his savior to make sure his friend Beck was thanked. Beck, as Tron, reassured him and told him that the way to help his cause was to help spread the word about the revolution and that they need recruits.

After returning to Able's garage and doing some work, Beck again met up with Tron in his safehouse. They still had much to do, though Beck had passed the first major test of his skills.


One time after an intense training bout, the light in Tron's safehouse flickered, as did everything in Argon City. It was not long before Beck and Tron discovered the source. General Tessler had set up an energy drill that was sapping the energy from Argon City and everything around it. If enough energy was drained, the programs of Argon would derez. It was another job for the renegade. There was a maze of tunnels underneath the drilling area and Beck would use those to make his way to the drill before planting a light grenade on it.

Back at Able's garage, Beck asked for time off. His boss and peers were under the impression the Beck was just getting lazy and it took a while to convince Able. Beck then went to Zed to ask him to work overtime for him and found out that Zed was going to compete in the Argon Races - which went straight through the tunnels.

As the renegade, Beck navigated through the tunnels, hoping to find and halt the race to save the programs from the explosion. This he did, stopping the three remaining racers: Zed and two others named Hopper and Bartik. But when Paige discovered what he was planning, she raced to the energy drill to deactivate the grenade. Beck had to stop her to keep her from being derezzed, so he stole Zed's modified and incredibly fast light cycle to stop Paige. When they arrived at the drill, it was seconds to exploding. The two of them then raced away through the tunnels, trying to escape the derezzing blast that was licking their back wheels. Paige began to fall behind and Beck, realizing that her bike wasn't fast enough and fearing for her life, pulled her onto his light cycle and hers was enveloped in flame. The two barely escaped with their lives and after they were out of danger, Beck left Paige in the Outlands and drove off.

After the encounter and back at Argon City, Beck and Tron witnessed General Tessler give a speech in which he blamed the renegade for the blackouts and promised the programs of Argon that the renegade will be brought to "justice". Tron then commented to Beck, "If we prevail in this conflict, they'll understand."


Beck was first seen changing a sign to read, "Tron Lives". When Tessler's guards found out they ordered for everyone's discs to be scanned. Beck, obviously not wanting to have his disc scanned, found a program named Galt who helped Beck sneak onto a light rail. However, Galt betrayed Beck and stole his disc. When Beck returned to Tron's safehouse, Tron gave Beck a fake one to use temporarily.

They later headed to Purgos Alley, where they visited a pawn shop. Tron asked the salesman, Kobol, if he had stolen identity discs. Kobol informed them he didn't, and said that he would search around. However, Tron knew that Kobol was lying to them, and as he and Beck walked down an alley, they where surrounded by a gang of programs who didn't want them there, one of which was Kobol, the leader. During the ensuing fight, Beck had his first glitch, and then the pair were surprised by the unexpected aid of Lux, who then led them away.

They went to a club where Tron noticed the program Galt staring at Beck. Realizing that Galt was the one who had stolen Beck's identity disc, the trio chased him down a hallway and cornered him. While Tron was interrogating him, Kobol derezzed Galt with a surprise attack from behind. Lux, Beck, and Tron started a light cycle chase against Kobol that ended when Beck had another glitch and was injured when he crashed into Kobol's light ribbon.

Beck was taken to Lux's place where she healed his injury as best she could. Beck had another glitch losing more of his memory. When Tron tried to get him to remember, Lux knocked Tron out. Then Kobol appeared, and convinced Beck that he was really working for Tessler, then took Tron prisoner and tricked Beck into getting taken in by the Occupation.

Lux freed Tron and he fought Kobol until Beck intervened. When Kobol told him to derez Tron, Beck resisted, still guided by his innate compassion. Tron then unmasked himself and convinced Beck to be who he really was. Kobol attacked, but in the ensuing battle Tron was able to return Beck's disc to him. Restored, and with Tessler's forces closing in, the programs opted to escape, but Kobol handcuffed himself to Beck. Lux, having seen Tron unmasked, then derezzed Kobol and threw herself into a fight against the approaching Black Guard, buying time for Beck and Tron to escape.

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