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Biographical information
Derezzed Date2010
Physical description
Circuitry ColorBlue
Other information
EquipmentIdentity Disc
Light Grenades
Sam Flynn
Out of universe information
ActorConrad Coates
Donald Faison (voice)
AppearancesTRON: Legacy
TRON: Uprising
Solar Sailer Prisoners

Bartik is a minor character in TRON: Legacy and TRON: Uprising. He serves as the main character of the short comic Solar Sailer Prisoners. He is a shadowy figure with a large scar on his face.


TRON: Uprising

Bartik was present in Argon City where he competed in the Light Cycle Races. He and his friend Hopper were stopped by a program known as the renegade, who told them to turn back, as an explosion was about to derez them all. He and Hopper were later recruited by Paige to join a team to stop the renegade.

As part of Paige's taskforce, Bartik took part in Occupation operations. He was among those rounding up programs to be interrogated after General Tesler offered a reward for the capture of the Renegade.

When Pavel claimed that Hopper was the Renegade and had him arrested at the 0001001 Club, Bartik said loudly that he'd known it all along. Later, though, after Pavel left, Bartik was visibly upset, telling Paige that he felt betrayed and finally fleeing from the club, complaining that he needed air.

After witnessing the garage workers standing up to Pavel and his guards, Hopper and Bartik decided to stand with them to defend the Renegade, becoming part of the Grid's first active resistance group

Solar Sailor Prisoners

Bartik was later seen when he was alerted by Gem to programs being captured by Clu's forces and stored at the solar sailer docks. Along with his ally, Hopper, he went to docks and found the programs on standby being held prisoner in the solar sailers. Bartik used a charge from a grenade on the control panel of one of the solar sailers, reactivating the programs and allowing him to enter. However, one of the programs noticed a patrol of sentries were approaching, so Bartik concocted a plan of having them all remain still, pretending to be deactivated.

When the sentries arrived, they were ambushed by the rogue programs, and although the fight soon swung in favor of the prisoners, Bartik suffered an injury when he was slashed across the face by a sword. The rogue programs appeared to be winning the battle when one of the sentriess sent out a signal for reinforcements. Bartik quickly derezzed the sentry, but he realized that his group wouldn't stand a chance against the more of them, so they were forced to flee.

TRON: Legacy

Bartik later approached Castor in the End of Line Club, seeking audience with Zuse about leading a revolution against Clu. When the Black Guard attacked the club, Bartik fought bravely against them, but was easily derezzed by the guards.

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