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In TRON 2.0, the main weapons of Viruses (such as Thorne and the Z-Lots) are Balls. Balls are glowing, green blobs of data that have corrosive and infective properties.

Balls come in different sorts, each with different properties.

Ball PrimitiveEdit

Weapons ball01-1-

Ball Primitive.

  • Ball Primitives are simple grenades. They are thrown and cause splash damage, making them very hard to dodge. These are used by Z-Lots and Jet.

Ball LauncherEdit

Weapons ball02-1-

Ball Launcher.

  • The Ball Launcher is a sort of grenade launcher, launching Balls much farther than what is possible with the Ball Primitive. These are also used by Z-Lots and Jet.

Drunken DimsEdit

Weapons ball03-1-

Drunken Dims.

  • Drunken Dims is an extremely deadly projectile weapon used only by Jet. It fires a number of mini-Balls in a straight path in front of the user of this weapon. Rector Scripts use a weaker weapon similar to this called Corruptic Dims.

Ball StormEdit

TRON WIki - Ball Storm (Active; Smaller)

Ball Storm

  • Ball Storm is similar to Ball Primitive but causes a much larger explosion with decay damage and visual impairment after being hit by the blast.

Ball's Affect on System MemoryEdit

When hit by a ball, Jet's system memory is corrupted. This happens in two ways.

  • Bad Blocks are pieces of empty system memory that are corrupted, so they can no longer be filled with Subroutines. They can be gotten rid of using the De-Frag procedural.
  • Subroutines can be infected so they no longer work, or more commonly have a lower efficiency, so a defensive subroutine will be half as effective. This infection can then be spread to other sub-routines if not disinfected.

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