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Arjia City

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"Arjia City. Isn't it spectacular? Built on top of the nexus of every stream of code in the entire system."
Quorra to Anon
Spiritualist city
Arjia City
Geographical information
RegionTron system
Points of InterestThe Hub

The Codestream Nexus

Other information
InhabitantsBasics, ISOs
Behind the scenes
AppearancesTRON: Evolution

Arjia City is regarded as the spiritual center of the Grid. It is home to both Basics and ISOs, known collectively as Arjians. It was created in TC146 by an Alpha-class ISO named Jalen to house a growing number of devotees to purported oracle, Radia. Arjia is strategically located directly over the codestream nexus.

Arjia was the site of the largest attack on ISO friendly locations by Clu and his forces eventually leading to the city's destruction.

Well known locations within Arjia include the Hub and Codestream Nexus.

The population in 1989 was 512,486.

Tron-Evolution Concept Art by Daryl Mandryk 06a

Concept art

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