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—- Anon to Gibson

Biographical information
UserKevin Flynn
Compile Date1989
Derezzed Date1989
Physical description
Circuitry ColorBlue (White in last chapter)
DescriptionSystem Monitor Program
Other information
FunctionsSystem Monitor; protects system from viral attacks
EquipmentIdentity Disc (upgradeable)
VehiclesLight Cycle (4th generation)
Light Cycle (2nd generation)
Kevin Flynn
Out of universe information
AppearancesTRON: Evolution

Anon, also known as Monitor, was a system monitor program written by Kevin Flynn. Anon is the main protagonist of TRON: Evolution. He was designed to assist Tron in keeping the peace during the Basic/ISO tensions before the Purge. He eventually got entangled in the events of Clu's rise to power involving the virus, Abraxas.


Just before Anon's resolution in the Outlands, Clu sent a group of sentries and a recognizer to derez him the instant he came into the system. However, just before he appeared, Tron followed and destroyed the sentries before they could carry out their mission. Anon rezzed in just as the last sentry was defeated.

Anon was tasked by Tron to keep watch on the Installation ceremony to prevent any unauthorized activity from occurring, stating that the 'rogue programs' (sentries that Tron fought before Anon rezzed in) were "a cause for concern" and that their "timing was suspect". Anon met with Tron near an elevator and went up with him. When the programs reached the top, they noticed a female program named Quorra attempting to convince two System Monitors to let her pass to the ceremony. When they refused, she said Radia, an ISO leader, was expecting her there, but the sentries still refused to let her pass. Quorra then ran off through the building tops. Tron asked Anon to follow her. Anon complied, but after following Quorra, was attacked by infected programs. He derezzed the programs and made it to the installation ceremony, where Clu, another program created by Kevin Flynn, and administrator of the Tron system, was giving a speech.

Clu introduced Radia as the new co-system administrator and Radia claimed that although Jalen, another ISO leader, had been derezzed, they must continue the peace between Basics and ISOs. Afterward, a virus named Abraxas interrupted the ceremony, attacking programs and turning them into infected programs. A group of ISOs escorted Radia out of the area while Anon fought Abraxas, protecting Clu from harm. Anon stopped the virus and shattered part of Abraxas's identity disc, but Abraxas escaped. Although Clu had already noted Anon's appearance (being the one who sent sentries to derez him), the system administrator pretended to act surprised about a new type of system monitor found on the Grid. When Tron and Kevin Flynn appeared on the scene, Clu claimed Abraxas's identity disc once belonged to an ISO, which Flynn refused to believe. Tron suggested Flynn to return to the real world to ensure his safety. Tron instructed Anon to eliminate all of the infected programs in TRON City while Tron escorted Flynn to the real world. There, near the portal, Anon and Quorra witnessed Clu attack Tron and Flynn, with Tron covering Flynn's escape.

The duo then embarked on a quest to warn the ISOs of Clu's treachery, but despite their efforts, Radia and the ISOs were exterminated. At one point, when Quorra and Anon were separated, the latter was nearly derezzed; but he was brought back by none other than Kevin Flynn, who told the system monitor to protect Quorra at all costs. Quorra was eventually captured by Clu, and it was up to Anon to rescue her. After saving Quorra from Clu and derezzing Abraxas, he and Quorra escaped on a Recognizer. It malfunctioned, though, and as it fell to the ground, they were thrown ahead of it. As it was about to fall on them, he pushed Quorra clear, saving her, but sacrificing himself in the process but he obeyed Kevin`s instructions.

Powers and abilities

Anon, being a prototype system monitor written by the Creator, has much of the same skills as Tron, if not more. He has proven himself to be extremely agile, as shown when he would run across a wall and then jump to run on the opposite wall before pushing off to land on flat ground. He can propel himself sideways or up from hanging on a handhold and is able to launch his disc with extreme accuracy while in mid air. He is also very adept at driving a light cycle.

Anon was able to singlehandedly defeat much of Clu's sentries, elite Black Guards, and countless infected programs, later even managing to rid of the Grid of the Abraxas virus.

Behind the scenes

The name Anon is short for "Anonymous", named so because the developers wanted the player to be the character. While the character is never referred to by that name within TRON: Evolution's story, he is listed as such in the game's Character Model Gallery. Several different colored variations of his costume - such as green and yellow - were revealed by way of promotional images and the Xbox Live Avatar Marketplace, although none of those colors are displayed during the main game (excluding multiplayer).

Anon's face is never shown. However, as programs take on the appearance of their users, it is possible to assume that Anon looks just like his user, Kevin Flynn.


  • Anon's first appearance on the Grid greatly resembles that of Kevin Flynn in TRON, from the dual beams of light from the heavens, to the location on a cliff face somewhat removed from the main setting, to the presence of hostile programs (had Tron not intervened in the case of Anon).
  • Anon is not mentioned specifically in TRON: Legacy. However, Quorra does recount her story of how Kevin found her to Sam. She mentions a "sympathetic program" smuggling her out of the city, a story consistent with Anon's role in TRON: Evolution.
  • Anon has little use for verbal communication. In fact, he only speaks once.

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