Anon's identity disc
Behind the scenes
AppearancesTRON: Evolution

Anon's identity disc is the identity disc used by the system monitor program, Anon.


Anon's disc was already equipped by the system monitor when he was first rezzed into the system, complete with some basic functions needed for him to complete the basic aspects of his duty, such as attacking and using special maneuvers to get around Tron City by unconventional means.

As Anon continued his functions during Clu's coup of the system, the available memory space on his disc grew, allowing him to install new functions. He was also able to modify his identity disc in various ways during his adventures. All of these upgrades were achieved at Disc Mod Stations located across the Grid.


  • Heavy Disc Mod - This modification made Anon's identity disc do more damage upon hitting its target than ordinary, at the cost of it traveling slower when thrown. The more this mod was upgraded, the more damage it dealt and the slower it became.
  • Bomb Disc Mod - This modification made Anon's identity disc create a small explosion when striking its target, causing splash damage to any nearby target. The more this mod was upgraded, the larger the splash damage range became.
  • Stasis Disc Mod - This modification made Anon's disc cause enemies to slow down, even when falling. The more this mod was upgraded, the longer this effect would last.
  • Corruption Disc Mod - This modification corrupted the data torn away by any target hit by Anon's identity disc. The corrupted data could then be picked up by Anon to restore his functions.

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