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Anis Cheurfa
Date of birthNovember 09,1987

Anis Cheurfa is a stuntman, actor, and tricker. He portrayed Rinzler in TRON: Legacy.

Cheurfa moved from Paris, France, to Los Angeles to be close to his girlfriend and to work on his unique style of martial arts, known as "tricking," which he describes a combination of "some of the basic martial arts -- taekwondo mostly because it's a lot of kicking -- [and] gymnastics, capoeira, some break-dancing motion." He stated that his role in TRON: Legacy came about when Joseph Kosinski came to his gym ask for martial artists to work with the identity discs, and chose him to portray Rinzler because he had "the perfect height and athleticism."

Cheurfa was a stuntman in The Hunger Games and portrayed Achilles in The LXD (The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers). In 2006, he broke the world record for eighteen corkspins in a row in under a minute.

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