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Alpha is a fast paced game about Tron-style Tanks created in 2012 by a user known as Wulfeous of W³Games.
The game was made with Unity3D and plays directly on it's website via the Unity3D webplayer. It requires a tiny installation that is harmless and is very similar to Shockwave/Flash. If you have played any of the games that Disney imbedded into their Tron Legacy website, then you already have this installed.


You enter this world as Alpha, the Blue Tank.

The system is a giant spherical game grid that you may drive anywhere on. A type of corruption has infected the grid and is spawning red copies of you. You must fend off as many as you can before they destroy you and take control of the entire system!

It's you and Bit against the masses of red clones. Simply look to the radar for where the enemies and their corruption sources are.

There are graphical instructions in-game at the main menu.

  • WASD : Movement
  • Shift : Booster Speed
  • Mouse : Aim Left/Right
  • LeftClick : Shoots Tank Arrow
  • RightClick : Shoots Laser (Uses shield power, but is extremely effective on corruption sources)
  • R : Resizes/Deactivates Radar (Deactivating can improve performance on older systems)
  • MouseWheel : Camera Positioning


Visit to test your ability.

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