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Biographical information
Physical description
Circuitry ColorWhite
DescriptionRegular program appearance
Other information
Out of universe information
ActorMeagan Holder
AppearancesTRON: Uprising

Ada is a character in TRON: Uprising, voiced by Meagan Holder. She is a female ISO and a friend of Quorra.


Following the Purge a few ISOs managed to escape their genocide and survived as fugitives. Ada and Quorra had been on the run for some time when Ada was critically injured and rendered unconscious. A group of other programs had surrounded the pair when Paige chanced upon the scene and helped the ISOs escape. Paige nursed Ada back to health, but her friends betrayed the fugitives, forcing Ada and Quorra to flee once more.


  • Ada speaks with a light accent, similar to an Australian one; to date, this accent has been heard only from her.
  • It is likely that her name was taken from Ada Lovelace, whom some consider the first computer programmer.
  • In ElecTRONica, a program named Ada stood in for Eckert on one occasion. However, she resembled Eckert and did not appear related to Quorra's friend.

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