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I am the perfect weapon. Spread my pain... Infect the Grid... Destroy everything in my path... My purpose is clear. Everything is coming to an end!
Biographical information
Compile Date1983 (TC29)
Derezzed Date1989
Physical description
Circuitry ColorYellow
DescriptionTall viral entity, cloaked. Infects all that he touches; even by footstep.
Other information
EquipmentIdentity Disc
Viral touch
Kevin Flynn (formerly)
Ophelia (formerly)
Radia (formerly)
Out of universe information
ActorJohn Glover (voice)
AppearancesTRON: Evolution

Abraxas, formerly Jalen, was an Alpha-class ISO that evolved into a computer virus and attacked the Tron system in 1989. He is the main antagonist of TRON: Evolution.

Abraxas' features are tall and thin, almost sickly in appearance, and his circuitry is yellow, with more of a "cracked" design to his circuits than traditional program circuitry. He wears a hood and a long black cloak over his right shoulder, all outlined with circuits. His primary weapon is his identity disc, and he also possesses a virulent plague touch.


Jalen was an ISO who arose from the Sea of Simulation in TC29. He was adopted by Kevin Flynn for intensive study regarding the unknown nature of ISOs. He received an advanced education of user culture from Flynn alongside fellow ISO, Ophelia, and slated for ordination for System Administrator. He competed in the Game Arena, and he skillfully worked his way up in the tournament, but was disqualified when it was discovered that he was an ISO rather than a basic.

Clu, operating from a hidden agenda, intervened and allowed Jalen back into the tournament, which Jalen then won, gaining him the respect of ISOs and Basics alike. Clu "awarded" him a disc upgrade, which would reprogram and transform the ISO into a monstrous virus, erasing all memory of his past life. When Jalen discovered the construction site of Clu's ship, the Regulator, the modified disc was triggered. Clu planned on using Abraxas to destroy and infect the remaining ISOs. Jalen was then reported to have been derezzed in the arena.

Kevin Flynn created a system monitor program, called Anon, to confront Abraxas. After several conflicts, the two had a final battle aboard the Regulator, one of Clu's warships. Abraxas tried to absorb all of the ship's energy, but was derezzed in the explosion that resulted.

Powers and Abilities

In addition to showing great mastery of his identity disc, Abraxas is a powerful computer virus whose very touch is dangerous. He can corrupt any program through simple physical contact, turning them into monsters under his control. He can also corrupt the environment around him through his very footsteps.


  • Abraxas was named after a real-life DOS virus known as the Abraxas virus or Abraxas5. It was first discovered in April of 1993, and was capable of infecting and overwriting programs, which, when executed, made a loud, ascending scale play as the words "ABRAXAS" displayed on-screen. Among the text strings found in Abraxas-infected files are the ominous phrases, "...For he is not of this day" "...Nor is he of this mind".
  • In Arjia City, there is a location known as Jalen Plaza.
  • Abraxas' voice actor John Glover also voices the villainous Dyson in TRON: Uprising

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