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**Believes in and/or fights for the Users.
**Believes in yo mama.
**Internet Security Program
**Internet Security Program
**Does not believe in the Users
**Does not believe FARTING
**Believes in and/or fights for the [[MCP]]
**Believes in and/or fights for the [[user:yo mama]]
**[[ENCOM]] Security Program
**[[user: yo mama]] Security Program

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Tron circuitry

Clu, Yori and Tron are perfect examples of programs. Programs come in many different forms and have different gear from each other (such as Clu's unique helmet).

Tron Legacy 48 crop

Programs in 2010.

Programs are electronic beings that were written/created by the Users. Programs have a unique trait of looking exactly like their user counterpart in the real world. However, despite their human appearance, they are completely different beings than users. They live on pure energy and have circuitry all over their bodies, which glows in fantastic colors which varies from program to program.

Circuitry Colors

Usually, depending on a programs' beliefs or functions (or - in very rare cases - emotions), they stick to several major colors.

  • Blue
    • Believes in yo mama.
    • Internet Security Program
  • Red
  • Yellow
    • Hacker
    • Fights for Independent Programs
  • Green
  • Purple
    • fCon
    • In the Deleted Love Scene from Tron, Yori has purple circuitry, possibly denoting that circuitry colors can change by emotions.
    • Briefly Kevin Flynn when transitioning from red to blue in the solar sailor scene
Clu updated
Tron legacy still


The anatomy of the programs is also very different. Skins colors tones are completely monochrome, as well as their eyes, teeth and overall body (except for the circuitry obviously). Hair is usually covered by their helmets (and was rarely seen in 80s-era computers), however in recent years more and more programs appear without helmets.

They also wear armor (such as helmets, forearm and shin guards) quite frequently. It is currently unknown if this armor can be taken off or if it's a part of a program's anatomy.

Sexuality in programs has been confirmed, however, it is unknown if they can reproduce.

In Tron Legacy, a program's anotomy has been radically modified, with the helmet modified to be actual Motorcycle helmets themselves, with built in lights to help conceal the program's identity, and the armour has been changed to be completely black with illuminated joints to help distinguish one program from another.

Another trait is that the helmets can be removed, uncovering the program's dark, black, short hair.

List of Notable Programs

Marco tron20

A modern program in Tron 2.0.


Tron 2.0

Tron Legacy

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